More About Sam Barton

With 17 years in the hospitality industry, Sam Barton has seen a thing or two. And with a title that includes the word “treasurer,” you’d better believe he knows his way around a ledger.

The head of the corporate accounting staff, Sam ensures professional growth and ongoing efficiencies throughout the department. He’s also responsible for maintaining accounting policies of the organization like the interpretation of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles as well as SEC rules and regulations.

He’s always been a natural leader and team builder. But he certainly doesn’t shy away from solo challenges either.

With two triathlons and a marathon under his belt, it’s no surprise that his activities outside the office include cardio sports like running, swimming and cycling. Once he’s had his fill of all that physical activity, he enjoys kicking back at the beach.

As a veteran of the US Army, we are grateful for both his service to our company and our country.

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