More About Andrea J. Parisi

As director of development operations for KSL Resorts, Andrea Parisi oversees all strategic team logistics and project execution for company development initiatives.

With a logical and intuitive approach, she is highly involved in KSL Resorts’ strategic planning and long-term growth. She excels at building and working with diversely disciplined teams – from the entitlements process all the way to project completion.

Hailing from a family of contractors, Andrea has held varying roles in the construction industry – from her first job as the sole female superintendent on a large construction site to her current leadership level position – working in the residential, commercial, utilities and hospitality sectors.

In addition to her work with KSL Resorts, she is a partner at Women Building Change, which focuses on the enrichment of women leaders in the architecture, engineering and construction industries.

When not working, her favorite pastime is watching her sons participate in BMX racing. She also enjoys golfing, fishing, camping, hiking, cooking, driving backroads and generally finding ways to avoid densely populated areas.

Personal motto: Appreciate the day you’ve been given.