More About Amy J. Mullins

While the rumor that Amy was actually born in a retail environment has never been confirmed, she was unquestionably born for retail.

She’s spent her entire adult professional life (and possibly earlier) connected to retail in some fashion. As such, she has deep first-hand knowledge and experience in every aspect of the industry — distribution, store operations, visual merchandising, buying and store design.

A creative problem solver who’s driven by results through KPIs and guest satisfaction, Amy has a never-ending drive to provide incredible retail and spa experiences to all KSL guests.

Plus, she is a bottomless well of knowledge for fun things to do. She’s the go-to for recommendations of nearly any sort — be it restaurant, lounge, show or other attractions.

When it comes to retail, she’s always on the cutting edge. But that goes for her hobbies outside the office too — she fences saber. And when she’s not wielding a sharp metal object, you might find her inspiring impromptu dance parties, playing Name That Tune and baking.

MOTTO: Fun or done! Good to great!