What We Do

KSL Resorts provides a unique perspective to Asset Management. Our team has been down a similar path as most property owners. Which means we know exactly what it feels like to be in their shoes. So, we offer the experience of an insider while maintaining an outsider’s valuable objectivity.

Assessing physical attributes and positioning in the context of value maximization and the overall market, KSLR is able to better leverage existing assets going forward. From that assessment, we construct strategies to improve financial performance, focusing on quality and guest satisfaction, and allocating capital expenditure in ways that support agreed upon goals.

Then we engage our specialists to collaborate on key action items. Among the places to look for opportunities is in strategic use of the real estate, and finding the highest and best use. But that’s only the beginning.

We conduct detailed monthly reviews on financial performance and KPIs. And a comprehensive annual strategic plan budget review — all to make sure we’re aligned and setting a path for future growth and success.