More About Patrick Masters

With a keen eye for talent and a passion for finding the right job for the right person, Patrick Masters is in charge of recruiting for KSL Resort’s top management and executive positions – building and maintaining the company’s team of talented professionals.

In his role as corporate director of human resources, Patrick takes a tactical and collaborative approach to human resources, with a depth of strategic corporate experience that provides him with a big picture understanding of HR practices.

Equipped with an MBA and plenty of business acumen, he is especially adept at linking HR programs to quantitative and financial results, adding value to KSL Resorts through innovative platforms and programs.

He has worked for KSL Resorts since 2009, holding key HR positions at such prominent properties as the Hotel del Coronado and La Costa Resort & Spa – also working in various high-level corporate roles within the company.

Known for his unflappable nature and upbeat attitude, he enjoys cycling on his Peloton, cooking and watching NFL games in his downtime – as well as spending quality time with his wife, son, and daughter.

Motto: Prove it.