What We Do

A property’s best customers can come from anywhere. And there’s no better way to tap into these potential new groups of guests than our Global Sales Support team.

It won’t take long to recognize that our passion for hospitality stretches far beyond the walls and boundaries of the resort properties. You’ll find the same drive and desire out in the field, as well. Our senior-level sales executives specialize in specific geographies and industry verticals — insurance, banking, pharmaceutical, education, legal, corporate, and national associations, to name a few.

Another way we stand apart in the industry is that each property has a distinct set of goals and targets. So, the sales team works to establish new relationships and cultivate new group business for each property by mining our massive database and working the key events and tradeshows.

The result is a greatly expanded reach and sales footprint. Steady contact and increased awareness among targets creates momentum, building on itself and sending the sales trajectory up and up and up.